Talks 2013

2013 Location Forum Title
November 2013 Toronto, Canada The Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics (CITA) An "Insider's" View of the Milky Way, (key, 249 MB), (ppt, 192 MB), (pdf, 48 MB)
October 2013 Cambridge, MA Harvard FAS Campaign Launch From the Universe to the Table, and Back, FAS Campaign Launch, (key, 113 MB) (ppt, 112 MB), (pdf, 34 MB)
October 2013 Manoa, Hawaii University of Hawaii at Manoa, Institute for Astronomy (IfA), lunchtime seminar  Why do we need a WorldWide Telescope and glue to solve the Mysteries of the Universe? (key, 125 MB), (ppt, 125 MB), (pdf, 16 MB)
September 2013 "Bulgaria", virtually Space Challenges 2013 The Art of Numbers, (key, 134 MB) (ppt, 127 MB), (pdf, 18 MB)
August 2013 Cambridge, MA Harvard College Program for Research in Science and Engineering (PRISE) What is Today's Scientific Method Really? (key, 303 MB), (ppt, 267 MB), (pdf, 37 MB)
July 2013 Heidelberg, Germany Protostars and Planets VI Star and Planet Formation through the WorldWide Telescope, Abstract, Poster (pdf), (pages, 9 MB)
July 2013 Zurich, Switzerland ETH, Zurich Numerically Constraining Star Formation in the Real Universe, with Observations (key, 283 MB), (ppt, 266 MB), (pdf, 55 MB)
July 2013 Zurich, Switzerland University of Zurich Glue-ing Together the Universe and the Earth, 
WWT Tour file, as shown in talk: (gluingtogether.wtt
Main Talk Slides: (key, 190 MB), (ppt, 175 MB), (pdf, 28 MB); 
Glue Demo Slides: (key, 113 MB), (ppt, 38 MB), (pdf, 9 MB)
June 2013 Ringberg, Germany Ringberg 2013 Workshop: Regulation of Star Formation in Molecular Gas What Lies Within? (key, 254 MB), (ppt, 239 MB), (pdf, 40 MB), (Discussion Pyramid Graphic, jpg), (Discussion Pyramid, pdf), (Discussion Pyramid, key)
June 2013 Boston, MA 46th Annual Society for Epidemiologic Research Meeting, Session: >Visionary Epidemiology: Towards Better Graphical Presentation of Data The Visual Display of Information: The Art of Numbers (key, 64 MB), (ppt, 64 MB), (pdf, 9 MB)
May 2013 Cambridge, MA Harvard Today: A Faculty Forum, HAA Harvard Commmencement Surfing the Universe, (YouTubelink for screen capture of interactive tour), (pdf, script), (wtt, WorldWide telescope tour, note you need to install WWT to play, download application,, (m4v, 115 MB, download of screen capture)
May 2013 Cambridge, MA MIT Astrophysics Colloquium The Bones of the Milky Way, (key, 370 MB), (ppt, 332 MB), (pdf, 60 MB)
May 2013 New Haven, CT Yale YCAA Seminar Figuring out why the Loch Ness Monster is resting in the Milky Way, Online, (key, 400 MB), (ppt, 357 MB), (pdf, 72 MB)
May 2013 New Haven, CT Harvard Club of Fairlfield County The Art of Numbers, Data Visualization in the 21st Century, (zip, 437 MB), (ppt, 420 MB), (pdf, 48 MB)
April 2013 Cambridge, MA Stats 303 special "Grand Finale" lecture, Harvard University Seeing More in Data, (key, 112 MB), (ppt, 101 MB), (pdf, 35 MB), 
April 2013 New York, New York Columbia "The Bishop Lecture" Colloquium Seamless Astronomy...and The Bones of the Milky Way, (key, 293 MB), (ppt, 158 MB), (pdf, 64 MB), (abstract)
April 2013 Cambridge, MA A Reunion of Graduate Alumni of Harvard Astronomy: A Celebration of Harvard Astronomy WorldWide Telescope, (key, 169 MB), (ppt, 133 MB), (pdf, 18 MB)
March 2013 Cambridge, MA Albert Einstein Science Conference 2013 (pdfschedule) (Secrets of the) WorldWide Telescope, (key, 176 MB), (ppt, 165 MB), (pdf, 16 MB)
March 2013 Cambridge, MA Gov 3009 Applied Statistics Workshop Seeing More in Data (key, 112 MB), (ppt, 100 MB), (pdf, 11 MB)
March 2013 Cambridge, MA Liberact Workshop WorldWide Telescope, (key, 59 MB), (ppt, 46 MB), (pdf, 11 MB)
February 2013 Oxford, UK Oxford Internet Institute, Innovation and Digital Scholarship Lecture Series Seamless Astronomy, Sea Monsters & the Milky Way, (key, 273 MB), (ppt, 204 MB), (pdf, 47 MB) 
February 2013 Boston, MA Boston University, Astrophysics Colloquium Brains, Arteries, Sea Monsters, and the Future of Astronomy, (key, 240 MB), (ppt, 223 MB), (pdf, 53 MB)
January 2013 Allston, MA Harvard Allston Education Portal Faculty Speaker Series The WorldWide Telescope, (key, 170 MB), (ppt, 156 MB), (pdf, 21 MB)
January 2013 Long Beach, CA 221st AAS Meeting Bones of the Milky Way, AAS Press Conference, (key, 222 MB), (ppt, 201 MB), (pdf, 30 MB), (wtt, WorldWide Telescope tour file. See for further information.