Talks 2015

Date Location Forum Title
December 2015 Montainview, CA Googleplex Open Source on a Universal Scale 
(key, 803 MB), (pdf, 69 MB)
December 2015 Moffett Field, California NASA Ames Fundamental (?), Fragmenting, Filaments, and Fibers 
(key, 1 GB), (pdf, 61 MB)
September 2015 Cambridge, MA Astronomy 98 Astronomy, Medicine, and the Future
(key, 944 MB), (pdf, 65 MB)
July 2015 Baltimore, MD Mocking the Universe, Space Telescope Science Institute From Taste-Testing to Mocking (and Back?), (key,260 MB), (pdf, 29 MB)
September 2015 Cambridge, MA Harvard Astronomy 98 Astronomy, Medicine, and the Future
(key, 944 MB), (pdf, 65 MB)
July 2015 Vienna, Austria Orion (un)plugged Orion In Context
(key,54 MB), (pdf, 12 MB) 
May 2015 Cambridge, MA Harvard Museum of Natural History: Public Talk Lost Without Longitude, (key, 277 MB), (pdf, 39 MB), (zip, Tours, 5 MB), use WorldWide Telescope to view tours, Go to: for free download of Windows software.
May 2015 Rochester, NY Rochester Institute of Technology, Weekly Seminar Series Astronomy, Medicine, and the Future, (key, 952 MB ), (pdf, 51 MB ), (mp4, 2.7 MB ), (video, streaming)
April 2015 Jericho, NY Harvard Alumni Association: Annual University Relations Luncheon Featuring Harvard Professor Alyssa A. Goodman and 2015 Distinguished Teachers Seeing Science, (key, 1.1 GB), (pdf, 53 MB)
March 2015 Tuscon, AZ NOAO, Tools for Astronomical Big Data Big Data vs. Wide Data, (key, 1,085 MB), (pdf, 57 MB)
February 2015 San Francisco, CA "See, Think, Design, Produce" hosted by Edward Tufte Science Beyond Flatland, (key, 959 MB), (pdf, 71 MB)
February 2015 Cambridge, MA ITC Lunch, CfA The Bones, and Skeleton, of the Milky Way (key, 610 MB), (pdf, 23 MB)
January 2015 Seattle, WA 225th Annual Meeting of the AAS Do Filaments Cross "Core" Boundaries? (key, 98 MB), (pdf, 9 MB)