Dr. Ajay Vishwakarma is a cancer biology PhD candidate working on characterizing tumor immune microenvironment (TIME) at single cell resolution using high-throughput transcriptomic methods directly in patients and using patient-specific organotypic 3D cancer models. Ajay has a wide ranging background in multidisciplinary projects that engage the fields of biomaterials, tissue engineering, immunology and systems biology with cancer biology. He envisions to develop state-of-the-art bioengineering platform technologies for pro-regenerative and anti-cancer immunotherapeutics.
Dr. Ajay graduated with bachelor's in dental surgery from MUHS in 2009 and master’s in tissue engineering from 2010-2011 at Cardiff University, UK wherein he studied signaling pathways involved in cartilage repair and regeneration. After a brief stint as a tissue engineering fellow studying mesenchymal stem cells and macrophage engineering at Harvard University and MIT from 2013-15, he joined the Cancer Biology Graduate Program at Carver College of Medicine / University of Iowa and Harvard Program in Therapeutic Science at Harvard University


Positions and Honors

Positions and Employment
2018 – present   Associate Researcher, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
2018 – present   Research Assistant, MGH Cancer Center and Harvard
2015 – 2018       Research Assistant, The University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
2013 – 2015       Research Fellow, BWH/Harvard Medical School and MIT
2012 – 2013       Research Scientist, Bioscience Institute, San Marino
2010 – 2011       Research Assistant, Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK
Other Experience and Professional Memberships
2018 – present   Associate Member, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
2018 – present   Affiliate Member, Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center
2011 – present   Honorary Member, CITER, Cardiff University
2008 – present   Member, The International Association of SCADA
2008 – present   Member, ADNAT Association for DNA Fingerprinting
Honors & Awards
2019    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) I-Corps Program Grant
2018    University of Iowa Graduate College Post-Comprehensive Research Fellowship
2015    University of Toronto Travel Award, Connaught Institute in 3D Bio-printing
2015    Nominated for an Education UK Alumni Award by British Council
2011    Postgraduate Certificate, School of Medicine, Cardiff University
2010    Bombay Hospital Scholarship and M & S Neterwalla Endowment Award
2010    Certificate for Academic Excellence for securing top place in final year B.D.S
2009    Life Science Foundation India National Research Program Best Poster
2009    Association of Indian Universities National Student Research Award
2008    Stem Cell Training Fellowship tenured at CCMB, an Indian CSIR Institute
2008    XI DENTSPLY Students Clinician Program Best Scientific Table Clinic
2006    All India Students National Scientific Dental Conference Best Scientific Paper
2006    ‘Madhav-Malati’ Distinction Award in General Human Physiology & Biochemistry