Annie Julia Wyman

PhD in English, received 2017.

Annie Julia Wyman

I'm a scholar and a screenwriter and sometimes a journalist, an essayist, a critic, a fiction writer, and a translator. I'm interested in all kinds of books and culture. For updated information about my work in television or for contact information, please reach out to Andrew Wang at William Morris Endeavor or Harry Lengsfield at LBI.



At Harvard, I worked with a wide range of perspectives on comedy. My dissertation presents three readings of comic novels (by Dickens, Joyce, and Ben Lerner) not just to make the case that comedy has become late-phase capitalism's dominant aesthetic mode but to suggest that because life has become thinly, oppressively comic we need true comedy — its subversions and affirmations — more than ever. To that end, my readers serve as grounds for a new trans-historical theorization of comic art. 

I teach everything from Shakespeare to American poetry to the history of the joke.



I have essays in the anthologies Read Harder (Believer Books, Fall 2014) and City by City (n+1 / Farrar Straus Giroux, Spring 2015) and pieces forthcoming or published with,, n+1, the Los Angeles Review of Books, Vice, McSweeney's (where I was also an editor), the Believer, Cabinet, and the San Francisco Chronicle. You can find my clips here.

My co-translation of philosopher Giorgio Agamben's The Unspeakable Girl was published in April 2014. I am now working on translations of Rilke's Letters to a Young Poet and Dante's Purgatorio

I began writing screenplays in 2015.