I am currently Vice President of Data Science at BenevolentAI. This is an AI company with end-to-end capability from early drug discovery to late-stage clinical development. I work on linking our computational and experimental platforms for the identification and validation of potential drug targets in a variety of human diseases.

Previously, I worked as a scientist with IBM Watson Health Innovations. I took part in the development of a platform that uses text and data mining of the biomedical literature to discover novel insights into the relationships between genes, diseases and drugs. Recently, we helped Barrow Neurological Institute discover 5 new proteins altered in patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s disease), opening the door for new therapies (see project video, and publication). I also worked on a project in collaboration with Toronto researchers to repurpose drugs to treat Parkinson's disease and dyskinesia (see recent newspaper article and publication).

During my PhD at Harvard, I investigated basic principles of brain function. This amazing organ is capable of generating elaborate behavior even in relatively simple organisms, such as the fish I studied. By reverse engineering the mechanisms through which it operates at a low level, it will eventually give us the ability to understand complex processes, such as learning and the generation of thoughts.