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I've been drumming in NYC's largest brazilian samba reggae band, Fogo Azul, since 2018. I play dobra, my favorite, because it's typically off-beat and there are some great moves involved. We perform all around the city, including in many peaceful marches.

Interesting links

xkcd strikes again

Watson Medical Algorithm

Mauro Martino, my former boss at IBM, made a beautiful visualization of how regional boundaries within Great Britain can be redrawn based the network of people's telecomunications.

A fascinating study by my group at IBM Watson in collaboration with the Baylor School of Medicine (full article). The team evaluated and analyzed nearly 70,000 scientific articles to predict proteins that affect p53's activity, a key protein linked to many cancers. This research lead to the discovery of six potential genes to target for new research, a much higher rate of discovery compared to traditional approaches.

How IBM Watson has the potential to revolutionize our fight against cancer.

I always think that writing code to automate data analysis will same me time. But sometimes, it turns out like this:

Thanks again xkcd!