Peer-reviewed publications

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1) Lacoste AM, Schoppik D, Robson DN, Haesemeyer M, Portugues R, Li JM, Randlett O, Wee CL, Engert F, and Schier AF (2015). A convergent and essential interneuron pathway for Mauthner-cell-mediated escapes. Current Biology 25, 1526–1534.

2) Randlett O, Wee CL, Naumann EA, Nnaemeka O, Schoppik D, Fitzgerald JE, Portugues R, Lacoste AM, Riegler C, Engert F, and Schier AF (2015). Whole-brain activity mapping onto a zebrafish brain atlas, Nature Methods, 12, 1039–1046.

3) Bakkar N, Kovalik T, Lorenzini I, Spangler S, Lacoste A, Sponaugle K, Ferrante P, Argentinis E, Sattler R, and Bowser R (2017). Artificial intelligence in neurodegenerative disease research: use of IBM Watson to identify additional RNA-binding proteins altered in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Acta Neuropathologica, 124:339.

4) Johnston TH, Lacoste AMB, Visanji NP, Lang AE, Fox SH, and Brotchie JM (2018). Repurposing drugs to treat l-DOPA-induced dyskinesia in Parkinson's disease. Neuropharmacology

5) Neil D, Briody J, Lacoste A, Sim A, Creed P, Safari A (2018). Interpretable Graph Convolutional Neural Networks for Inference on Noisy Knowledge Graphs. Proceedings of the Machine Learning for Health (ML4H) Workshop at NeurIPS.

6) Hatz S, Spangler S, Bender A, Studham M, Haselmayer P, Lacoste AMB, Willis VC, Martin RL, Gurulingappa H, Betz U (2019). Identification of pharmacodynamic biomarker hypotheses through literature analysis with IBM Watson. PLoS ONE 14(4): e0214619.

7) Wee CL, Nikitchenko M, Wang W, Luks-Morgan S, Song E, Gagnon J, Randlett O, Bianco IH, Lacoste AMB, Glushenkova E, Barrios JP, Schier AF, Kunes S, Engert F, and Douglass AD (2019). Zebrafish oxytocin neurons drive nocifensive behavior via brainstem premotor targets. Nature Neuroscience [full-text link]

8) Maclagan LC, Visanji NP, Cheng Y, Tadrous M, Lacoste AMB, Kalia LV, Bronskill SE, Marras C (2020). Identifying drugs with disease‐modifying potential in Parkinson's disease using artificial intelligence and pharmacoepidemiology. Pharmacoepidemiol Drug Saf. 2020; 1– 9.

9) Myszczynska MA, Ojamies PJ, Lacoste AMB, Neil D, Saffari A, Mead R, Hautbergue GM, Holbrook J, and Ferraiuolo L (2020). Applications of machine learning to diagnosis and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. Nature Reviews Neurology.


Other publications

Expert in “A new paradigm for drug development”, Lancet Digital Health Vol 2, May 2020 [link]

Lacoste A, “AI will revolutionize drug discovery — but only if experts are involved” (2019), STAT NEWS First Opinion [link]

Lacoste A, “AI in Healthcare: Towards a purposeful future” (2019), BenevolentAI blog [link]

In Bollier D., “Artificial Intelligence and the Good Society” (2019), report from the Third Annual Aspen Institute Roundtable on Artificial Intelligence [link]

Expert in “Disrupting drug discovery How artificial intelligence is transforming drug research” (2018), IBM Institute for Business Value [link]
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