My Research in the Popular Press

You can read more about what my dissertation project has to say about the recent conflict between Russia and Ukraine on the Washington Post's Monkey Cage blog. In another Monkey Cage blogpost, Maria Snegovaya and I extend this analysis by adding dynamic considerations. My third Monkey Cage post reveals that my research also sheds light on China's behavior during the Hong Kong protests.

My research is further mentioned in the New Republic magazine, in the Huffington Post, in Yahoo News, on Euronews, in the Moscow Times, in the French Liberation, on the Belgian RTBF, in the Pakistan Observer, on the Brazilian ATP Cast, in the Romanian Mediafax, in The Week magazine in the UK, and even applied to the case of Taiwan by the Business Today newspaper.

In the blogosphere, my research appears on the Marginal Revolution blog here and here, on the Peterson Institute for International Economics' blog, on Andrew Sullivan's Dish Blog, on the BUSA 3000 International Business Blog, on Jonathan Scott Miller's blog, on the Humanitarian News NonProfitBlog, and on the Australian Strategic Policy Institute's blog.