Polish modern and contemporary poetry, literature and the visual arts, poetics and literary theory, materiality of texts, poetry recordings and performances


PhD, Literary Studies, 2013, University of Warsaw

MPhil, European Literature, 2010, University of Cambridge

BA/MA, English, 2011, University of Warsaw

BA/MA, Polish, 2009, University of Warsaw

Current Projects:

Voices of Polish Poetry

Aleksandra Kremer is an assistant professor in the Harvard Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures. Before joining Harvard, she taught for three years at the University of Warsaw, and spent one semester as a visiting scholar at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Her studies and research were supported by the National Science Centre in Poland; University of Warsaw; University of Cambridge; Trinity Hall, Cambridge; Ministry of Science and Higher Education; and Corbridge Trust. Her first book, Przypadki poezji konkretnej, focused on neglected book publications of Polish-, English- and German-language concrete poetry. Her current project is concentrated on recordings and live performances of Polish poetry, and the role of the poet's voice in recent Polish literary history. She teaches courses on Polish literature and culture, including artists’ responses to WWII and Czesław Miłosz in America.