Health and Disease in America





• Teaching Award. Course description: This course explores major developments in medicine and public health policy in the United States, from the early modern period to the present.  Major themes of the course will cover the social and cultural impact of epidemic disease, the creation and evolution of health care institutions, the rise of the medical profession, the place of race and gender in medical practice and scientific experimentation, and the creation of national policies to increase access to medical care.  Lectures will frame each week's topics in their...

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Public Health and Welfare in Europe and America: Seminar





• Teaching Award. Course Description: This seminar focuses on the development of public health and welfare in America and Europe, from the pre-modern period to the present.  We will explore crises and responses to epidemics, vaccination, new scientific and medical discoveries, chronic poverty, severe climate change, famine and outbreaks resulting from global travel and exploration. In all instances, we will pay particular attention to the experience of those affected, as well as the expectation, legal justification and effects of government response. ...

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