I am an experimental physicist harnessing quantum control over individual atoms to measure chemical and biological systems at the nanoscale.

I obtained my Ph.D. in Physics under Vladan Vuletic at MIT, illuminating the basic physics of friction at the nanoscale by studying it in a pristine model system of trapped laser-cooled ions in an optical lattice. Intrigued by the idea of using my expertise in controlling individual atoms to study truly complex chemical and biological environments at the nanoscale, I joined the groups of Mikhail Lukin and Hongkun Park at Harvard, where I am currently using single optically-addressable spin defects in diamond (nitrogen-vacancy centers) to measure neuron action potentials, single-molecule magnetic resonance, frictional charging and electrochemical interfaces. The diamond defects offer an exquisite in-situ sensitivity and resolution in measuring such complex nanoscale systems, and my goal is to build a research program to understand the emergence of their complexity from the bottom up.

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