Dr. Alex McDowell is a postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Massachusetts General Hospital Mongan Institute for Health Policy and Harvard Medical School. Dr. McDowell studies the impact of health care policy and delivery system changes on health outcomes for underserved populations. Recent work aims to improve methods for identifying gender minority populations in existing data and to understand the effects of federal and state level anti-discrimination policies on gender minority health.

Dr. McDowell has a PhD in Health Policy from Harvard University with a concentration in evaluative science and statistics. As a doctoral student, she worked with Dr. Sherri Rose in the Department of Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical School and with researchers in the Health Equity Research Lab at Cambridge Health Alliance to study gender minority health. Dr. McDowell is also part of the Health Policy Data Science Lab and the Harvard Sexual Orientation Gender Identity and Expression Health Equity Research Collaborative (Harvard SOGIE). Prior to completing her doctoral work, she earned an MPH, MS in Nursing, and BS in Nursing from Johns Hopkins, as well as a BA in Women’s and Gender Studies from Georgetown University. After graduating from Hopkins, Dr. McDowell joined the Department of Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical School where she worked on a series of projects to evaluate the impact of payment reform on health care quality. In addition, Dr. McDowell worked as a staff nurse on an inpatient psychiatric unit at McLean Hospital.