• Public-Private Collaboration

    Researching on public-private collaboration

  • Collaborative Governance

    Researching on collaborative governance

  • Urban Transformation

    Researching on urban transformation

  • Public Sector Reform

    Researching on public sector reform

  • Innovation Teaching & Learning

    Researching on innovation in teaching & learning

Victòria Alsina Burgués is Fellow at Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government at the Harvard Kennedy School. Her research focuses on finding democratic innovative solutions to solve some of society’s most challenging problems at the critical intersection of the public and private sectors.

Research interests:

  • Public sector reform
  • Public-private collaboration
  • Collaborative governance
  • Urban transformation
  • Democratic innovation
  • Innovation in teaching & learning

Her major current research projects are:

Victòria is an active participant in the Harvard University academic life; organizing seminars, workshops, and other knowledge transfer activities with members of the community.

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