• Public Sector Reform

    Researching on public sector reform

  • Collaborative Governance

    Researching on collaborative governance

  • Public-Private Collaboration

    Researching on public-private collaboration

  • Data Science

    Researching on the application of data science in the service of urban communities across the globe

  • CrowdLaw

    Researching on CrowdLaw

  • Open Innovation

    Researching on open innovation

  • Innovation Teaching & Learning

    Researching on innovation in teaching & learning

Alsina’s research and teaching focus on finding innovative solutions to rethink public institutions exploring how collaborative governance, public engagement, and technology can change the way we govern solving some of society’s most pressing problems at the intersection of the public and private sectors and helping communities and institutions to work together to solve public problems more legitimately and effectively.

Member of the Senior Common Room, Lowell House.

If you want to know more about her work please visit her NYU faculty webpage.