Psychology Live





Are you interested in a deeper dive into what psychologists are currently working on?
Harvard's Department of Psychology will showcase a series of teachers who will
explain their favorite topics, how they go about studying it and why, what they have
learned from their failures and why the study of the mind is so exciting today. After
each presentation, the class will discuss research papers on the same topic,
assigned by the week's speaker. Through these discussions, we will also examine
connections between different research questions, methods, and findings with the
goal of drawing a broader picture of both the department and the field of psychology.
NOTE: This course is only available to concentrators and prospective concentrators.
Prerequisites for the class are at least one of the following: (1) completion of an
introductory psychology course (PSY 1, Science B-62 or Science of Living Systems
20), (2) a score of 5 on the Psychology AP exam, or (3) a score of 7 on the
Psychology IB exam. This course will be capped at 25 people. Some slots will be
allotted to first-years and sophomores who are thinking seriously about concentrating
in psychology. Procedures for applying to enroll in the course will be discussed at the
first class meeting.