I became interested in Paleolithic archaeology as an undergraduate at New York University. My first excavations were in the Dordogne region of France, at the Neanderthal sites of Roc de Marsal and Les Pradelles and the modern human sites of Abri Castanet and Isturitz. These experiences convinced me to attend graduate school and persue an advanced degree in anthropology, with a specialty in the Paleolithic period. I earned my MA and PhD at the University of Arizona under the direction of Steve Kuhn. For my dissertation, I focused on the spatial organization of Middle Paleolithic open-air sites in France, a project funded by a Chateaubriand Fellowship and facilitated and supported by Laurence Bourguignon (Institut national de researches archéologique préventives). After graduating, I again returned to France (with a Fyssen Foundation post-doc) to collect data on open-air Upper Paleolithic sites, which complemented my research on the Middle Paleolithic. From 2019-2022, I served as a faculty member at Harvard University, where I offered classes ranging from European Archaeology to Quantitative Methods for Archaeologists. I am currently a reseach affiliate at Harvard University and I teach courses at The University of Oklahoma. In addition to my work on intra-site spatial analysis in France, I have an active field project in Morocco.
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