Publications & Other Research

My publications and research agenda beyond the book project reflect my interests in identity, representation, political parties, and the politics of policymaking. Some of the projects I am excited to be working on now explore the effects of corporate board gender quotas on workplace policies, and the causes and consequences of women's inclusion in populist radical right parties, and the public legitimacy of different types of positive action measures.

Peer-Reviewed Articles:

Saha, S. and Weeks, Ana Catalano. 2020. "Ambitious Women: Gender and Voter Perceptions of Candidate Ambition", Political Behavior, online first (July 2020). pdf version    web appendix   replication files

Weeks,  Ana Catalano. 2019. "Quotas and Party Priorities: Direct and Indirect Effects of Quota Laws", Political Research Quarterly, Vol 72, Issue 4.  pdf version  web appendix  replication files 

Weeks, Ana Catalano. 2018. "Why Are Gender Quota Laws Adopted by Men? The Role of Inter- and Intra-Party Competition", Comparative Political Studies, Vol. 51, Issue 19. pdf version  web appendix  

Weeks, Ana Catalano. and Baldez, L., 2015. "Quotas and qualifications: the impact of gender quota laws on the qualifications of legislators in the Italian parliament", European Political Science Review7(01), pp.119-144.

Catalano, A., 2009. "Women acting for women? An analysis of gender and debate participation in the British House of Commons 2005–2007", Politics & Gender5(01), pp.45-68.

Book Chapters:

Hilde Coffé, Miki Caul Kittilson, Bonnie M. Meguid and Ana Catalano Weeks. "Parties, Issues, and Gender". Chapter for The Routledge Handbook of Political Parties, ed. Sofia Vasilopoulou, Neil Carter, Dan Keith, Gyda Sindre. Forthcoming, 2022.

Espírito-Santo, Ana and Ana Catalano Weeks. “Gender and Politics”. Chapter for The Oxford Handbook of Portuguese Politics, ed. Jorge M. Fernandes, Pedro C. Magalhães, and António Costa Pinto. Forthcoming, 2022.


Under Review:

"Corporate Board Quotas and Gender Equality Policies in the Workplace" (with Audrey Latura) web appendix  Revise and resubmit       

            See Slides and video from presentation at HKS Women and Public Policy Program seminar, March 2021

“When do Männerparteien Elect Women? Radical Right Populist Parties and Strategic Descriptive Representation” (with Bonnie Meguid, Miki Kittilson, and Hilde Coffé)    Revise and resubmit

"Backlash Against 'Identity Politics': Far Right Success and Mainstream Party Attention to Identity Groups" (with Peter Allen) Revise and resubmit

In progress:


“Quotas or Parity? Gender, Masculinity, and Public Legitimacy of Different Positive Action Measures.” Working paper (with Hilde Coffé and Sparsha Saha).

“The New Defenders of Gender Equality? When Do Radical Right Populist Parties Appeal to Women.” In progress (with Bonnie Meguid, Miki Kittilson, and Hilde Coffé).

"Parity on Paper Only? Gender Quotas and the Substantive Representation of Women in Campania.” In progress (with  Francesco Masala).

“What Women Want: Gender Gaps in Policy Preferences in Advanced Democracies.” Working paper.

"Parties and Work-Family Policies in Advanced Democracies" (database)


Other writing: