Die Freiwilligen
Käthe Kollwitz. Die Freiwilligen. 1921-2, Berlin.
Andrew Brandel teaches in the Committee on Degrees in Social Studies at Harvard University. His work centers on three interconnected themes: the relationship between public culture and migration, particularly the material forms ideas take as they move between social worlds; textuality and everyday life; and narration and political violence. Since 2011, he has conducted ethnographic fieldwork among migrant artists and their hosts in northern Europe, where the stakes of free expression, and its conditions of possibility, are gaining new urgency with the resurgence of far-right nationalisms. Prior to coming to Harvard, he was a fellow of the European Institute for Advanced Study in Vienna, the Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen (Institute for Human Sciences). He received his Ph.D. in Anthropology from The Johns Hopkins University in 2016.

For more information about my research and teaching, including copies of some of my publications and a list of courses I teach, please visit my personal website.