My passion for teaching stems from my curiosity about the ways in which we are all involved in the making of knowledge, in the ways ideas touch the world, and move through different social contexts. I am a passionate advocate for problem-centered, multi-disciplinary social sciences and humanities education; I encourage students to see themselves as active participants in the making of knowledge and culture, and stress that fields like anthropology and literature are not "merely" academic disciplines, but also provide us with critical vantages on urgent social and political issues. My courses often emphasis a combination of close-readings of challening texts with hand-ons experience putting analytical tools to use with original, empirical materials. 

At Johns Hopkins, I was a Dean's Teaching Fellow in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, pioneered a program with Naveeda Khan to foster collaboration between senior faculty and advanced graduate students to develop innovative undergraduate courses, was a member of the Excellence in Teaching Awards Committee and curated an historical ethnographic archive as both a research and pedaogigcal instrument. Since coming to Harvard, I have been a member of the Board of Advisors in Social Studies, and worked with students on an exciting range of research questions, from new directions in thinking about material culture, to the globalization of contemporary art worlds.

I am currently teaching Social Studies 10a and 10b - our introductory survey on the history of social theory. I have previously offered courses on topics including: the history of anthropological theory; Romanticism; structuralism; the culture industry in Europe; the migration of philosophies;