Andrew Suárez is currently a first-year PhD student in Harvard's American Studies program. He graduated cum laude with a B.A. in Ethnic Studies from Columbia University where he was a Mellon-Mays Undergraduate Fellow and Kluge Scholar. Prior to arriving at Harvard, he was a research fellow for Stanford University's American Voices Project where he traveled across the country conducting interviews for a year as part of a national, qualitative study on income inequality in the United States. 

His current research investigates how the LGBTQ+ acronym is used, transformed, and challenged in transnational contexts as a framework for interpreting gender and sexuality. More broadly, he looks at identity formation for gender and sexual minorities, radical activism in these communities, the colonial history of racialized gender and sexual categories, and how this history shapes contemporary queer politics and identity. Within his work, he pulls from Queer of Color Critique, Decoloniality, Latin American & Caribbean Studies, and Ethnic Studies. His lifelong dream is to raise honey bees.