HARVARD UNIVERSITY, Cambridge, MA, July 2016–present           
Assistant Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures, French Section 

DUKE UNIVERSITY, Durham, NC, 2014–16           
Provost’s Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Literature


YALE UNIVERSITY, New Haven, CT, 2008–14
PhD in French (2014), M. Phil (2012), M.A. (2009)  
Dissertation: “Against Difference: The Universality That Binds Nathalie Sarraute, Monique Wittig, and Anne Garréta.” Director: Alice Kaplan

WILLIAMS COLLEGE, Williamstown, MA, 2003–07
B.A. in French with Highest Honors and in Art History
Magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa
Honors Thesis: "Du corps au corpus: L'écriture de l'Holocauste dans Aucun de nous ne reviendra de Charlotte Delbo et La Nuit d'Élie Wiesel." Advisor: Brian Martin


ÉCOLE NORMALE SUPÉRIEURE, rue d’Ulm, Paris, France, 2012–13
Exchange student, French Literature

ÉCOLE DU LOUVRE, Paris, France, 2005–06
Exchange student, History of Art

UNIVERSITÉ DE PARIS, Paris, France, 2005–06
Exchange student, French Literature, Paris III (La Sorbonne Nouvelle)
Diplôme de langue et littérature françaises, mention bien, Paris IV (La Sorbonne)

Unbecoming Language: Anti-Identitarian French Feminist Fictions (forthcoming from the Ohio State University Press, November 2018)

Cacaphonies: The Excremental Canon (in progress)

Peer-Reviewed Articles
"The Excremental Poetics of Daniel Pennac's Journal d'un corps." French Studies (forthcoming)

“Autofiction Infiltrated: Anne Garréta’s Pas un jour.” PMLA 133, no. 3 (2018): 559-74

"The Riddle of Racial Difference in Anne Garréta's Sphinx." diacritics 45, no. 1 (2017): 4-22. (Runner up, Malcolm Bowie Prize)

“Marie Darrieussecq’s Clèves: A Wittigian Rewriting of Adolescence.” Studies in 20th and 21st Century Literature, Vol. 40, no. 1 (March 2016)

Marie-José Mondzain, “Tarkovsky: Embodying the Screen.” In Byzantium/Modernism: The Byzantine as Method in Modernity, ed. Roland Betancourt and Maria Taroutina. Visualizing the Middle Ages, edited by Eva Frojmovic. Leiden: Brill Academic Publishing, 2015.           

Review of Lesbian Decadence: Representations in art and literature of fin-de-siècle France, by Nicole Albert, H-France (August 2016)

Other Publications
“All for ‘On’ and ‘On’ for All: Monique Wittig’s Pronoun Work in L’Opoponax.” The Opoponax mobile phone application, January 2015 (solicited article)

Report on “Kinship Trouble: The Equality and Difference Debates (NC, USA – France, Europe): an interdisciplinary workshop on same-sex marriage.” Duke University Women’s Studies newsletter (Spring 2015), The Center for French and Francophone Studies website (Fall 2014)

“Paris Doesn’t Sleep Till Brooklyn.” L’Amuse-Bouche, October 2013

“Beverly Acha,” Yale Painting and Printmaking MFA Catalogue, Spring 2012

“Min Ha Park,” Yale Painting and Printmaking MFA Catalogue, Spring 2011

Panelist, Symposium, “Intersectionality in the Age of Populism,” Dartmouth College, April 2018

"Unbecoming Language: An Anti-Identitarian Poetics," Futures of French Series, New York University, November 2017

Moderator, Boston Book Festival with Christine Angot, Alliance Française of Boston, October 2017

“Anne Garréta and the Decomposition of Identity,” Department of French, Yale University, February 2017

Panelist, Roundtable, “How Did ‘I’ Get Here?: Humanities in the First Person,” Center for Humanistic Inquiry, Amherst College, April 2016 

“Corporeal (Il)legibility: Erasing Sex and Marking Race in Anne Garréta’s Sphinx,” Carolina Seminar on French History and Culture, National Humanities Center, November 2015      

Panelist, “Unlearning the Language of Misogyny” panel, Women’s Week 2018

Discussant for Susan Rubin Suleiman, “The Némirovsky Question,” Center for European Studies, Harvard University, May 2017

“The Anti-Identitarian Fictions of Sarraute, Wittig, Garréta,” New Faculty Lunch Series, Mahindra Center for the Humanities, Harvard University, March 2017

Respondent to Matthew Rodriguez, “Ma, Maman, Twombly: Roland Barthes Unwritten,” Panesthetics: A Colloquium on the Visual Arts, Literature and Music, Harvard University, March 2017

Respondent to John Stadler, “Spatial Erotics: The City as a Site of Longing in Gay Porno Chic,” Women’s Studies Graduate Scholars Colloquium, Duke University, October 2015 

“Marie Darrieussecq’s Clèves: A Wittigian Rewriting of Adolescence,” Provost’s Postdoctoral Associate Symposium, Duke University, September 2015

Respondent to Katherine Costello, “Theoretical Crossings: Towards a Transnational Genealogy of Queer Theory,” Literature Colloquium, Duke University, April 2015

“Queer as Sarraute: A Universe Without Contours,” Literature Colloquium, Duke University, February 2015

Panelist, Roundtable, “What is the Contemporary Novel?” Symposium, Duke University, November 2014

“Missed Connections: Sarraute, Wittig, and Garréta as Guérillères,” Contemporary Novel Faculty Seminar, Duke University, October 2014

“Pronoun Trouble: The Queer Pronouns of Anne Garréta,” Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Colloquium, Yale University, November 2013  

Reading Dans l’béton,” Sous les pavés, 20th- and 21st-Century French and Francophone Studies Conference, Brown University, Providence, April 2018

“Marie Darrieussecq in the Forest,” ACLA Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, March-April 2018

“‘Souviens-toi, ou, à défaut, invente’: Monique Wittig’s Les Guérillères, a Rewriting of La Cité des dames,” Querelle des femmes, or, the Long History of Feminism, University of Chicago, April 2017

“‘Inter faeces et urinam nascimur’: The Wasteful Writing of Daniel Pennac’s Journal d’un corps,” Le sens et les sens, 20th- and 21st-Century French and Francophone Studies Conference, University of Indiana, Bloomington, April 2017

“Marie Darrieussecq’s White: The Light Continent,” Contemporary Women’s Writing in French Conference, Center for the Study of Contemporary Women’s Writing, University of London, London, October 2016

“Specious Language: Social Mobility as Species Mobility in Marie Darrieussecq’s Truismes,” Passages, Seuils, Portes, 20th- and 21-st Century French and Francophone Studies Conference, Washington University, St. Louis, March 2016

“Reviving the Universal: Anne Garréta’s Queer Universalism and the Legacy of Monique Wittig,” Les Femmes s’entêtent: Feminism, Writing, Art and Film 1975–2015: Bilan(s) et Avenir(s), Women in French Conference, University of Leeds, May 2015

“A Thorn in the Side of Autofiction: Anne Garréta’s Pas un jour as Trojan Horse,” Faire le point: Quand la littérature fait savoir, 20th- and 21st-Century French and Francophone Studies Conference, Louisiana State University, February 2015

“Vexing Corporeal (Il)legibility: Erasing Sex and Marking Race in Anne Garréta’s Sphinx,” Defiant Bodies: Corporeal Politics and Unheard Voices, Warren Susman Graduate History Conference, Rutgers University, March 2014

“An Offering to a Goddess: Monique Wittig’s Living Linguistic Body,” 21st Annual Lavender Languages Conference, American University, February 2014

“Beyond 63 Bites: The Alchemy of Marie Darrieussecq’s Clèves,” Bad Literature, Department of French Graduate Student Conference, Yale University, January 2014

“Held by the Fragment: The Relational Novels of Nathalie Sarraute and Anne Garréta,” Traces, 20th- and 21st- Century French and Francophone Studies Conference, Georgia Tech, March 2013



Complete CV available on request