Annikki Herranen-Tabibi is a Ph.D. candidate in Social Anthropology at Harvard University. Drawing on medical, political, and historical anthropology in her research, she studies transformations in kin-based caregiving practices and relationships in Deatnu River Valley (Deanuleahki) of Sápmi (the transborder homeland of the indigenous Sámi people). Woven into this work are histories and present-day processes of colonization and assimilation, the development of the Nordic welfare states, and mobilizations for the protection and (re)vitalization of Sámi language, culture and foundational livelihoods.

Prior to this work, Annikki focused on questions of violence (political, gendered, and sexual), and on processes of trauma, truth, and reconciliation. She gained related professional experience from, among others, the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, United Nations Institute for Training and Research, and International Center for Transitional Justice. She holds a BA and MA in International Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science and Yale University, respectively, and is a United World College of the Atlantic alumna.