Dimitrios Antos

Quick profile

I have recently completed my PhD in Computer Science at Harvard University. My academic advisors were Barbara Grosz and Avi Pfeffer. (For a quick look at my doctoral thesis click here.)

Research Interests

My interests as a researcher lie within artificial intelligence and multi-agent systems, with a focus on decision-making, collaborative systems and the design of versatile, effective agents. Most of my work is inspired and heavily influenced by cognitive psychology and behavioral economics.

I posit that there are five wide open issues at the frontier of AI today:

  1. Dealing with scalestochasticity and uncertainty in our systems, by considering more versatile algorithms and modeling techniques.
  2. Capturing the flexibility and effectiveness of people's affective and cognitive systems, and how we can learn from them to design better computer agents.

  3. Understanding how humans in our systems make decisions, and developing computational models of these processes.
  4. Revising normative theories (e.g., game theory) to account for non-utility-maximizing behavior, yet still provide their benefits as analysis tools.
  5. Understanding how expressions of emotion by computers can impact people's perception of agents' traits and the success of computer-human collaborative teams.