Media Mentions

Selected media coverage 

Washington Post: The one thing rich parents do for their kids that makes all the difference 

LA Times: School districts are a big reason for the rise in income segregation in the U.S., study says

Boston Globe: Boston's struggle with income segregation

Huffington Post: Families with kids are the reason neighborhood segregation is getting worse

KPCC: Kids in LA County grow up more segregated by income

KCRW: Fault Lines: School Segregation in Los Angeles

Education Week: Achievement gaps and racial segregation: Research finds an insidious cycleIncome segregation in schools found to rise by 40 percent since 1990

US News and World Report: Data show segregation by income (not race) is what's getting worse in schools

The 74: Is School Segregation Getting Worse? By Some Measures, No — but It’s Not Getting Any Better

KPCC: White parents still want to live near mostly white schools — and in LA, it shows

LAist: LA's Schools Are Segregated. LAUSD Says There's Only So Much They Can Do

The Atlantic: The Privilege of School Choice

The Nation: What Betsy DeVos's Emphasis on 'Choice' Means for School Segregation

The New York Times: Integration vs. White Intransigence: Separate has never been equal.

Bloomberg City Lab: How Families with Kids Drive Suburban Segregation

NBC News Now: What Biden's 100 million budget proposal means for school integration

KPCC: AirTalk: American Schools, including in LAUSD, Remain Highly Segregated According to New Index

KCBS Radio: New tool helps researchers evaluate segregation in United States schools