Courses Taught:

Harvard Economics Department Undergraduate Thesis Seminar
Seminar Leader, 2018 - 2019 (Average score: 4.90/5.00)
Seminar Leader, 2020 - 2021 (Average score: 4.86/5.00)
Awards: Certificate of Distinction in Teaching, Harvard Bok Center (x4)

Verbatim Student Comments:

“Simply the best section head I have had in four years at Harvard.”

“Alex Albright is genuinely one of the best educators I have ever had at Harvard. She is so intelligent, she gives incredible feedback, and she is extremely supportive of students. If you have an opportunity to take her seminar DO IT. She met with me outside of class and my thesis would’ve been soooo much worse without her.”

“Alex did a great job of helping me transition from consuming economic research to producing it myself. She facilitated discussions during class to help us learn from our other thesising classmates, and her detailed feedback on our drafts was incredibly helpful.”

“Alex was a phenomenal instructor. She shared many helpful resources related to coding, organizing and compiling references, and writing. She gave excellent comments on paper drafts, which always helped me to improve my draft. She facilitated a welcoming and productive seminar environment where students were able to collaborate effectively. Alex was always willing to help answer a question and/or point me in the direction of someone else who could discuss further. I couldn’t ask for a better instructor!”

“ALEX ALBRIGHT IS SPECTACULAR. I really appreciate the economics department in general for creating a strong structure for thesis writers to complete their projects. In particular, Alex Albright is the reason that my thesis exists.”

“Alex is literally a 1210. Extremely organized, such a good presenter, cares so much about us, goes out of her way for us, gives us so many resources, gives incredible feedback so quickly. Alex is an incredible section leader and I can’t wait for her to be a full fledged professor once she is Dr. Albright. :)”

“Alex is an ABSOLUTE GEM! She customizes each experience, which is so important. I admit I was not the most productive student this semester, yet she guided me at the perfect pace––pushed me when I needed to be pushed and revelled in the successes when due. She maintains a prodcutive and functional section while also creating an environment that fosters cooperation amongst students. I am so thankful I am in her section.”

“Alex is genuinely one of the most competent people I know. She is extremely organized, very intelligent, and she goes out of her way to help us out. I love the canvas site for this course, the way its so easy to find things. I love how many resources Alex gives us. and I love learning about other people’s thesis presentations. There are truly not enough good things to say about this particular Ec985”