Harvard Economics 

TF for Research in Applied Microeconomics, Law and Economics, Inequality, and History, 2020-2021
  • Course leader for undergraduate economics thesis writers
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TF for Research in Social/Labor Economics & Applied Microeconomics, 2018-2019
  • Course leader for undergraduate economics thesis writers
  • Instructor evaluation mean: 4.9/5; student comments below
    • "Outstanding. Alex has demonstrated an extraordinary ability to help others in their theses and be able to consistently find useful solutions to almost all problems faced."
    • "Alex is really, really excellent; she's a cheerleader for thesis students when we need encouragement, but also is always ready to provide critical and thoughtful feedback. She pushes us to consider the weaknesses or shortcomings in all of our deliverables."
    • "Alex is one of the best instructors I have had. She is very detailed in her feedback and is also very approachable."
    • "Alex does an excellent job stimulating conversation and asks thoughtful questions. Her feedback is extremely helpful, and the course is well-organized."
    • "Gives great feedback and is very accessible and accommodating."
    • "Alex is excellent; she's flexible, always willing to help, and provides deeply insightful feedback."

Pre-Grad School

TA for Guns, Drugs, Prisons: Empirical Debates in Law and Policy, Stanford Law School, Fall 2014

TA for Calculus I, Williams College Math Department, 2011-2012