The Medieval Islamic Hospital: Medicine, Religion and Charity
The Medieval Islamic Hospital: Medicine, Religion and Charity. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2015.

The first monograph on the history of Islamic hospitals, this volume focuses on the under-examined Egyptian and Levantine institutions of the twelfth to fourteenth centuries. By the twelfth century, hospitals serving the sick and the poor could be found in nearly every Islamic city. Ahmed Ragab traces the varying origins and development of these institutions, locating them in their urban environments and linking them to charity networks and patrons' political projects. Following the paths of patients inside hospital wards, he investigates who they were and what kinds of experiences they had. The Medieval Islamic Hospital explores the medical networks surrounding early hospitals and sheds light on the particular brand of practice-oriented medicine they helped to develop. Providing a detailed picture of the effect of religion on medieval medicine, it will be essential reading for those interested in history of medicine, history of Islamic sciences, or history of the Mediterranean.


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Translation (to English and French) of Aḥmad ibn Khalaf al-Murādī’s “Kitāb al-Asrār fī Natāʿij al-Afkār”: The Book of Secrets in the Results of Ideas. Milano: Leonardo3, 2009

Books in Preparation:


In the name of God the Healer: Patienthood and piety in the medieval Islamicate world [Manuscript in preparation]


With Katharine Park, Knowledge on the Move: Cultures of Science in the Medieval World [In preparation for publication by Chicago University Press]



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"Around the Clock: Time and Clinical Culture in the Medieval Near East" [Article in preparation]

"Islam as a postcolony: science, history and modernity in the making of ethnoreligious identity" [Article in preparation]

“Scientific Expertise and the making of Islamic legal opinions: an analysis of ‘scientific’ fatwas” [Article in preparation]



Selected Unpublished Lectures and Papers

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