Arjun Ramamurti is a doctoral student in the Harvard University Department of Government.  His dissertation focuses on how federal courts have adapted themselves to a society where other sources of law--the Constitution, statutes, and administrative regulations--surpass the common law as the primary basis for judicial decision.  Drawing on intellectual history and normative political theory, Arjun's research aims to answer questions relevant to current debates in several doctrinal areas, including Federal Courts, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, and Legislation.  Papers in progress consider how courts came to use the concept of "separation of powers" to place limits on the scope of judicial lawmaking; how the Supreme Court has increasingly relied on what it deems to be "comprehensive" legislation and regulation to limit judicial implication of rights and remedies; and why stare decisis continues to have force even in a system where judge-made law is disfavored. 

Arjun received a JD from Yale Law School, where he was the Editor-in-Chief of the Yale Law Journal.  He clerked on the D.C. Circuit for Chief Judge Merrick Garland and Judge Cornelia Pillard, and will clerk on the United States Supreme Court for Justice Stephen Breyer (2020-2021).  Arjun also holds an A.B. in Social Studies, summa cum laude, from Harvard College, and an MPhil in Political Thought and Intellectual History, with distinction, from Trinity College, University of Cambridge.

He can be reached at