The International Turn in Intellectual History


Armitage, David. 2014. “The International Turn in Intellectual History”. In Rethinking Modern European Intellectual History, ed. Darrin M. McMahon and Samuel Moyn. New York: Oxford University Press , p. 232-252.
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The International Turn in Intellectual History

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Abridged version, The Global Journal 15 (January 2013): 22-25 Geneva 1 (January-March 2013): 67-73.

Chinese translation, Intellectual History (Taipei) 1 (2013): 213-41, with responses by Peter Bol, Zhaoguang Ge, Leigh Jenco, Viren Murthy and  Lung-kee Sun, ibid., 243-371, and 'A Reply to My Critics,' ibid., 373-91, 393-416.

Chinese translation (abridged), Historiography Quarterly (Beijing), 94 (April 2015): 4-9.

German translation in Eva Marlene Hausteiner and Sebastian Huhnholz, eds., Imperien verstehen. Titel, Typen und Transformationen globaler Macht (Baden-Baden: Nomos, 2018): in press.

Portuguese translation, ‘A virada internacional na História Intelectual,’ Intelligere: Revista de História Inteletual, 1, 1 (December 2015): 1–15.

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