Three Concepts of Atlantic History


Armitage, David, David Armitage, and Michael J Braddick. 2002. “Three Concepts of Atlantic History”. In The British Atlantic World, 1500-1800, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan , p. 11-27, 250-54.
Three Concepts of Atlantic History

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Spanish translation, 'Tres conceptos de historia atlántica,' Revista de Occidente, 281 (October 2004): 7-28.

Portuguese translation, ‘Três conceitos de história atlântica,’ História Unisinos, 18, 2 (May/August 2014): 206–17.

Abridged reprint, 'The Varieties of Atlantic History,' in Alison Games and Adam Rothman, eds., Major Problems in Atlantic History (Boston, 2007), pp. 16-23.

See also Brian Ward, ‘Caryl Phillips, David Armitage, and the Place of the American South in Atlantic and Other Worlds,’ in Brian Ward, Martyn Bone and William A. Link, eds., The American South and the Atlantic World (Gainesville, 2013), pp. 8-44.

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