I have recieved a DFF International Collaboration US/Europe "Research Leader" grant ($1 Mil) on my project "Embedded surfaces, dualities and quantum number theory":

I will be hiring 2 postdocs in Summer 2020. Please apply at (the job descriptions are below):            

Additionally the project has been cofinanced by A.U. (Approx. $200 K). I am hiring one 2-year postdoc (with possible renewal for the third year upon confirmation of good progress) in Algebraic Geometry (preferably with focus on enumerative (GW/DT) and derived algebraic geometry. The positions have start date as early as November 2019 and one of them comes with maximum 3 months visit of center for quantum geometry of moduli spaces in Europe. 

SymmetryApplicants: please submit your application here:            

Currently my postdocs work in HMS group at Harvard CMSA:

 Simons Collaboration in Homological Mirror Symmetry - CMSA


Current Postdoctoral researchers under my mentorship:

1. Dennis Borisov (Harvard CMSA / QGM Aarhus 2018-2020)--> Now assistant Professor at University of Windsor (Canada)

2. Enno Kessler (Harvard CMSA/ Co-supervising with Shing-Tung Yau 2018-2020)

3. Michael Mcbreen (Harvard CMSA / QGM Aarhus - 2019-2021)