Mapping Red Horizon: Exploring Space, Force, and Great Power Relations in Eurasia




Harvard University
Department of Government
Gov 92R, Faculty Research Assistantship

Instructors: Arvid Bell and Kelly O'Neill
This project explores the idea that space and power are deeply intertwined.
As the global balance of power between the US, China, Russia, and the EU shifts, a comprehensive understanding of the Eurasian space is becoming increasingly important to scholars and policy-makers alike. The growth of the geospatial information industry has allowed us to map not only political borders and disputed territories, but also the progression of conflict in real-time. This new era of big data has dramatic implications for how we view, interpret, and manage conflict in Eurasia and worldwide.
In this project, you will examine conflicts in the Eurasian space from a negotiation analysis perspective, train in geospatial thinking to explore conflict with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools, and embark on a mapping project to create your own interpretation of conflict in the Eurasian sphere. Approaching global conflict from both a political and a geographical perspective will give you a more nuanced understanding of the forces that shape diplomacy, force, and power projection in the early 21st century.