Negotiating in Crisis: Advanced Skills for Managing Multiparty Conflicts in Dynamic Environments




Harvard University
Division of Continuing Education
GOVT E-1756, On-campus Active Learning Weekend

Instructor: Arvid Bell
This intensive weekend course is designed to equip students with advanced multiparty negotiation skills necessary to maintain their leverage in complex, dynamic environments. Conflict is inescapable. Mastering negotiation is necessary to overcome everyday hurdles, mitigate workplace disputes, and create value for yourself and your organization. In this course, students gain insight into next-generation advanced negotiation theory and immediately put these skills into practice through an all-day, immersive negotiation crisis exercise. The simulation features an international political crisis scenario and has been used to train government officials and senior security practitioners in coalition building and crisis leadership techniques. This course concludes with a comprehensive debrief to solidify the lessons learned from the exercise. Students come away from this course with an advanced knowledge of complex negotiation management and an arsenal of powerful techniques that empower them to achieve their goals in dynamic, disruptive environments.