Alexandra Schultz received her BA in Classics and Computer Science from Brown University in 2011 and her MSt in Greek and Latin Languages and Literature from Christ Church, Oxford in 2012 with funding from a US-UK Fulbright award. She then worked for two years as a software engineer at Microsoft before coming to Harvard in 2014 for her PhD in Classical Philology. In 2021 she graduated from her PhD and took up a Research Fellowship in Classics at Jesus College, Cambridge. Starting in 2023 she will be an Assistant Professor of Classics at Dartmouth College.

Her research centers around the politics of literature and the history of knowledge in antiquity, with special interests in:

  • Greek and Roman libraries
  • gender and sexuality
  • Greek lyric poetry
  • Imperial Greek and Latin prose
  • the history of alphabetization
  • feminist and postcolonial critique
  • papyrology

Why do ancient libraries matter today?

Watch the talk I delivered at the 2019 Harvard Horizons Symposium:

...or read about my research and thoughts about studying the Classics in the 21st century: Interview with Alexandra Schultz (2019), Interview with Alexandra Schultz (2022).