Press Releases

2012 Sloan Fellow

In February 2012, I was selected as an Alfred P. Sloan fellow. 

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Packard Award

In 2011, I received a Packard Fellowship to launch the Supernova Forensics research group.  Check out the press release here and also here

Annie Jump Cannon Award

In 2009, I was awarded the Annie Jump Cannon Award by the American Astronomical Society for "outstanding research and promise for future research".

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Supernova Caught in the Act of Exploding

An Extremely Luminous X-ray Outburst at the Birth of a Supernova  (Soderberg et al.) as published in Nature in 2008.  

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Dorothy Killam Prize

In 2008, I was awarded the Dorothy Killam Prize (McGill International Award) to "recognize women of influence in the science and humanities"  

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