I am an atmospheric physicist at Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics under supervision Dr. Kelly Chance who is one of the pioneers in trace gases retrievals from satellites, and the PI of TEMPO.

Same as any other humankind, I was born curious seeking very simple questions that usually started with "Why and What?". The imperfect and inattentive education system then began to put an end to those questions and redirect them to only those "How's?" which may promote something profitable for a business. I was lucky that I chose Atmospheric Sciences major for my PhD making me again a free kid who can follow his curiosity. I now ask a simple question for my research and look objectively at models, parameterizations, and observations to investiagte which one can statistically answer them.

I have pursued research on a range of diverse topics. In general, my research is centered around four main elements: atmospheric modeling, remote sensing, inverse modeling, and data analysis. Please check my CV or Research web pages for specific studies that I've worked on.