After 20+ years as a front line liaison librarian supporting engineering, I've moved into management. I'm enjoying learning new ways of working and interacting with a wide variety of people across the Harvard campus. Part of my excitement comes from getting to help move the thinking about science and engineering libraries and the services they offer away from a physical repository of books to the services and support that can be provided with subject librarian, paticulary when they have a robust collection to draw upon to assist with services and research support. 

My office is in Cabot Science Library, which was recently renovated and reopened in April 2017. As a part of that renovation, only about 20% of the original print collection stayed on-site. The library has large open spaces with mobile furniture, which the students enjoy for both individual and group study, as well as providing spaces for a wide variety of events, from posters sessions to receptions to occur in the library in support of the larger Harvard community. 

If you find yourself at Harvard and would like to see the library and hear more about Cabot's place on campus and as part of the wider community in support of science and engineering eduaction, please feel free to contact me.