Curriculum Vitae

Alexandra van Geen is a Ph.D candidate in Public Policy at Harvard University. Alexandra's research combines experimental economics, judgment and decision making, and policy design. Her research focuses on the design and analysis of interventions that improve decision making and reduce the impact of biases and heuristics. She is particularly interested in the determinants of risk preferences, the study of hiring and promotion decisions, as well as topics related to gender diversity. She has worked as a consultant and as a political assistant in the Dutch Parliament. Alexandra holds a research master in Economics from the Center Institute of Tilburg University, and an undergraduate degree from University College Utrecht. She was awarded Presidential Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School, and was a Research Fellow at the Women and Public Policy Program of the Harvard Kennedy School, and Graduate Research Fellow at the Program on Negotiation of the Harvard Law School. She has also studied at the London School of Economics, Erasmus University, and Dortmund University. Alexandra holds Dutch nationality and is a member of the cast at the theatre group of Dudley House at the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Her work has been covered by the Washington Post, the Financial Times, the Harvard Gazette and the Wall Street Journal.