I am currently a postdoc at Harvard SEAS and the Wyss Institute co-advised by Rob Wood and Scott Kuindersma. I received my PhD in Sep 2017, at the GRASP laboratory (Kodlab) in the University of Pennsylvania advised by Dan Koditschek. I graduated with a BS/MS in Mechanical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University in 2010 (LIMBS lab under Noah Cowan), during which I performed an empirical study on how/when human beings inject feedback to stabilize a 1-dimensional paddle juggling task. Bio-inspiration remains a key research interest, and during my PhD, I switched my efforts into modular/compositional control of dynamic locomotion in a way that generalizes across platforms (quadruped, tailed biped, ...) and behaviors (hopping, running, ...), as well as the design of dynamic locomotor systems.

I co-founded Ghost Robotics in 2016 and function as CTO, commercializing research that led to the creation of a family of power-dense direct-drive legged robots with high actuation bandwidth and proprioceptive sensing capabilities.

I have in part created curriculum for two online courses: "Robotics: Mobility", and "Robotics: Capstone" on coursera.  

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Research Areas and Projects

Past Projects

  • Juggling -- paddle juggling
  • Lateral perturbation recovery by a RHex robot (ESE650 final project, Sp 2012)
  • Applications of homology to processing laser data (with Qian Wu, Su 2011)
  • Finding optimal configuration space paths by variation of curves (MEAM620 final project, Sp 2011)


  • Robotics: Mobility -- created/delivered roughly 25% of the curriculum
  • Robotics: Capstone -- created/delivered roughly 50% of the curriculum
  • TA for ESE 201, ESE 512 (both Dynamical systems courses)

Awards & Honors

  • James McDonnell Postdoctoral Fellowship winner
  • RAS Best Reviewer Award (presented at ICRA 2018)
  • UPenn ESE Best Doctoral Dissertation Award for the 2017-2018 Academic Year
  • For older awards see CV

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