These commentaries on our work, written by colleagues, are intended for a broad audience.

21. A New Twist on High-Tc Superconductivity

Article featured by Leonid Glazman in the Condensed Matter Journal Club.

20. Fractional Chern Insulators in Magic Angle Graphene - News article

19. Cold Atoms Go Topological

Physics Viewpoint and PRX Article

Ruby Rydbergs 

18. A New Twist Reveals Superconductivity’s Secrets

 Quanta Magazine Article 

 Graphic of swirling vortex-like patterns called skyrmions.

17. Stronger-correlated superconductivity in magic-angle twisted trilayer graphene

Recommended with a commentary by Michael Zaletel, UC Berkeley
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16. What is the Magic behind Graphene's Magic Angles? 

Quanta Magazine article by David Freedman (5/19)

Art for "A Potent Explanation Emerges for Graphene’s Magic Angle"      
by John McGreevy (UCSD) in Nature Reviews Physics (2019)
Rock QED
14. A Hot Topic in the Quantum Hall Effect .                                            
PHYSICS Viewpoint by Jason Alicea
Figure caption
13. Magic Angle Graphene:
Condensed Matter Journal Club by F. Guinea:
12. Filling Enforced Gaplessness in the 230 Space Groups:
Condensed Matter Journal Club by Liang Fu. 
11. Quantum Oscillations from Weyl Fermi-Arc Orbits:
    Condensed Matter Journal Club by Balicas:
    Emergent Technology Based on Fermi Arcs?
10. Dirac Particle Vortex Duality:
    PHYSICS Viewpoint by John McGreevy:
AND Condensed Matter Journal Club Article by Jason Alicea:
   Composite Fermions meet Dirac
9. Non Fermi liquids from Goldstone bosons:
    Condensed Matter Journal Club Article by Jorg Schmalian: Non-Fermi liquid phases due to Goldstone boson exchange
8. Emergent Supersymmety on topological superconductors
    A. Blog Article by Matthew Francis: A sort of particle-free supersymmetry found in exotic materials 
7. Interaction Effects in Topological Insulators:
 A. Condensed Matter Journal Club Article by Ady Stern:
B. Condensed Matter Journal Club Article by Matthew Fisher:  
C. A blog post on related work by John Preskill: Monopoles passing through Flatland
6. Weyl Semimetals:
    A. Physics Viewpoint Article by Leon Balents: Weyl Electrons Kiss
    B. Condensed Matter Journal Club Article by Vivek Aji: And now, Weyl fermions
    C. Condensed Concepts: Measuring the Chiral Anomaly
5. Majorana Fermions in Topological Insulators with Doping
    Physics Viewpoint by Taylor Hughes:  Majorana modes in doped topological insulators.
4. Skyrmions spin crystal in MnSi:
    Condensed Matter Journal Club Article by Chandra Varma: 
3. Supersolids: 
Condensed Matter Journal Club Article by Subir Sachdev: Supersolid order on the triangular lattice
2. Deconfined Criticality:
    Condensed Matter Journal Club Article by Bert Halperin: 
1. Deconfined Criticality:
The Cup of the Hand: Perspective by R. B. Laughlin