Lecture Notes:

1. Theory of Magic Angle Twisted Bilayer Graphene - Entwining Flavor and Superconducting Orders.

Florida Winter School - High Magnetic Field Lab

Florida Virtual Winter School - Jan 2021.

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2. Topological Insulators and Related Phases with Strong Interactions
Les Houches

Les Houches 2014 :

  • Outline - Quantum phases of matter and Short Range Entanglement

  • Lecture Notes -  Short range entalged topological phases, coupled wires and effective field theories. Beyond Chern insulators - Extending the classification of topological phases in 2+1D . Interaction effects on  topological insulators and superconductors - surface topological order and interaction reduction of free fermion classification in 3+1D 

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Physics 268r: Special Topics in Quantum Matter:

Fall 2019


This is a special topics course on quantum systems of many particles, i.e. quantum matter. We will study well defined microscopic models, such as simple spin models, representing electrons in solids or atoms in optical lattices, which will be shown to give rise to remarkable new excitations, from `sound’ and `light’, to fermions and even more exotic `anyon’ excitations. Often, (but not always) we will use field theory to describe this physics, which may also help demystify the origin of quantum field theory in a physical setting free from `infinities’.

This course will make contact with recent research directions such as topological order, quantum criticality and dualities

An earlier version of this course with lecture notes can be found here


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