I am a dually trained psychiatrist-engineer, and use that training to develop new device-based treatments for severe mental illness. My focus is electrical and magnetic brain stimulation, and particularly the development of new "closed loop" devices. These devices sense brain signals in real-time and deliver energy in a planned and rational fashion, compensating for each patient's specific brain network abnormalities. My laboratory prototypes new stimulation paradigms and targets in rodent models, rapidly generating the pre-clinical data needed to support trials in human.

Clinically, I am a member of the MGH Division of Neurotherapeutics in the Department of Psychiatry. I evaluate patients with treatment-resistant mood and anxiety disorders and manage aspects of their brain stimulation treatment, in collaboration with an expert team of surgeons, psychiatrists, and psychologists. We are always accepting referrals for our base clinical services and deep brain stimulation (DBS) clinical trials; you may use the contact links on this page to request more information. Right now, we are mainly taking patients with major depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder, but we have trials planned in other anxiety disorders, and are happy to keep your information on file.

I update the publication and CV information on this page about every six months. The latest publication information is always at my Google Scholar page.