Lab Openings

My research group, the Translational NeuroEngineering Laboratory, focuses on the development of closed-loop brain stimulation to treat severe psychiatric illness. We use both animal models and human volunteers to develop and test new stimulation paradigms that we believe can change information flow in distributed brain circuits. Most of the modern revolution in neural data analysis depends on access to large amounts of memory, processing time, disk space, or all three. Clinically relevant applications, on the other hand, require processing data in about a tenth of the time needed to collect it, and usually need to run on low-power, low-memory, battery-backed systems. Bridging those two worlds is a major engineering challenge, and requires experts from many disciplines to work together as a team.

Our laboratory has ongoing openings for  students, research technicians, and postdoctoral fellows. We are always interested in candidates who have computational and engineering skills, may or may not have done biological work before, but want to tackle hard problems in brain medicine. This particularly includes students in the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences & Technology programs, and I am always happy to talk to HST trainees about  neurotechnology and its clinical applications. On the other hand, because everything we do involves living systems, we also regularly hire neuroscientists and more "traditional" wet lab researchers. The name of your department is not as important to us as what you can do and whether you fit well with our team.

We do post specific applications at the MGH jobs site, but we often have openings that are not yet advertised. If you'd like to inquire about upcoming positions, please send a CV and cover letter at any time. We only seriously consider applications that include a clear statement about why your  background (or your expected career path) matches with our laboratory's focus.