Ayesha McAdams-Mahmoud, ScD, MPH studied Social and Behavioral Sciences at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. She recently completed her dissertation -- "The Trade Project: A mixed methods study of empathy, trust, and perspective taking among police and youth" -- and will graduate in May 2019. She earned her B.S. in journalism from Northwestern University, and her MPH in Behavioral Sciences and Health Education from Emory University. 

Ayesha has made a career of performing, documenting, and measuring the impact of human stories. A former journalist and performing artist, Ayesha has 10 years of experience as public health leader, program manager, and researcher. She explores the ways narratives, the expressive arts, and qualitative can be used as scientific tools to empower and improve the mental health outcomes of under-resourced communities. 

Ayesha specializes in mixed methods research conducted in partnership with community, nonprofit, and academic sectors. Her dissertation research examined the association between empathy, narrative storytelling, and perspective taking among police officer and urban adolescents of color in Alameda County, CA. Her previous research has explored health topics related to positive social psychology, minority stress, intimate partner violence, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, and racial disparities in international and domestic settings.