Data Sets

  • “Saints” (2016)
    Available in Excel format.  Regression Data.
  • Barro-Ursúa Macroeconomic Data (2010)
    Available in Excel format.
  • “On the Size Distribution of Macroeconomic Disasters” Data (2009)
    Available in Excel format.
  • Educational Attainment data
    For further information on the Barro-Lee Data, please click here.
  • IMF Programs Data (2005)
    Available in Excel format. The name of variables is in text format.
  • “Macroeconomic Crises since 1870” BPEA, 2008
    Online Appendix data is available in Excel format.
  • “Macroeconomic Effects from Government Purchases and Taxes”
    (Data AppendixExcel data)
  • Religion Adherence Data
    Available in Excel format by clicking this link.
  • McCleary data on Private Voluntary Organizations (PVOs): 
    The Codebook is available in Excel and the data file in STATA .