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This paper presents a data set that improves the measurement of educational attainment for a broad group of countries. We extend our previous estimates of educational attainment for the population over age 15 and over age 25 up to 1995 and provide projections for 2000. We discuss the estimation method for the measures of educational attainment and relate our estimates to alternative international measures of human capital stocks.

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Evidence from a broad panel of countries shows little overall relation between income inequality and rates of growth and investment. However, for growth, higher inequality tends to retard growth in poor countries and encourage growth in richer places. The Kuznets curve—whereby inequality first increases and later decreases during the process of economic development—emerges as a clear empirical regularity. However, this relation does not explain the bulk of variations in inequality across countries or over time.

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The neoclassical growth model is modied to include a variable rate of time preference. With no commitment ability and log utility, the equilibrium features a constant effective rate of time preference and is observationally equivalent to the standard model. The extended framework yields testable linkages between the extent of commitment ability and the rates of saving and growth. The model also has welfare implications. including the optimal design of institutions that facilitate household commitments. Steady-state results are obtained for general concave utility functions, and some properties of the transitional dynamics are characterized for isoelastic utility.

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