Data on Germany

There is plenty of microdata on Germany, but much of it is limited to particular applications. The best sources I know of are the GSOEP and the Campus files. There are moves to make more data available as public or scientific use files; some datasets are available on-site at the national and state statistical offices. Let me know if you have additions.


  • German Socio-Economic Panel (GSOEP)
    • Main longitudinal socio-economic survey, has a comprehensive English user guide
    • Started in 1984 with now 12,000 households. Nationally representative
    • Includes information on household consumption, occupations, employment, earnings, health and satisfaction
    • (Information on health and insurance status is limited)
  • Luxemburg Income Study (LIS)
    • Combines national surveys on income, wealth and employment that can be used for cross-section studies (i.e. these are not panels)
    • Covers 30 countries in 4 continents. LIS harmonizes and standardizes the data
    • Registered users can send in programs to use the data remotely
  • Statistische Aemter des Bundes und der Laender
    • Wide range of microdata from the official data collection agency, available as public-use files or scientific-use files and on-site use
    • The CAMPUS data (a 3.5% sample of the 1998 microcensus) is directly available for download. You can also get a microcensus panel from 1996-1999 as scientific-use file or for on-site analysis
    • Some of the data has information on health; there is also good information on hospitals