January 5-7 2017, Keynote Speech titled "Washoku Far and Near: Culinary Heritage and Global Food Culture” at 23rd Japan Studies Association Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii

October 21-22 2016, Discussion session followed by "Tsukiji Wonderland" film screening, Harvard University Film Archive, Harvard University

July 11 2016, I House Talk, "Tsukiji: the end of an era?"

May 31- June 2 2016, Discussion session followed by "Tsukiji Wonderland" film screening, Seattle International Film Festival, Seattle

March 31- April 3 2016, chaired a panel titled "What to Eat: Food and Feeding in Twentieth-Century Wartime Asia" at Association for Asian Studies (AAS) Annual Meeting, Seattle

March 2016 Keynote speech titled "What in the World is Washoku?" at the opening of School of Pacific and Asian Studies 2016 Graduate Student Conference at Hawaii University, Manoa

February 2016, Panel: "Asian food in comparative perspective: Japan as a reference point?" at the international conference and workshop “Scales of the Alimentation: an Asian Perspective”, Fondation France-Japon de l'EHESS, France

November 8-9, 2015, Area Studies in the 21st Century, University College London, U.K. 

October, 2015  “Washoku on the World Stage: Japanese Cuisine and National Identity” for Alburqurque International Association Lecture Series

June 23, 2015, Interview with International House on "Tsukiji: A Last Vestige of Edo Culture."

June 2, 2015, talk titled “Washoku on the World Stage: UNESCO and the Promotion of Japanese Cuisine” for Sophia University Institute of Comparative Culture Lecture Series at Sophia University, Tokyo

May 30, 2015 京都学園大学×ハーバード大学アジアセンター シンポジウム, Kyoto Gakuen University,  Kyoto, “和食からWashokuへ

November 3, 2014 East Asian Studies Seminars, Cambridge University,
"Washoku: Japanese gastro-diplomacy and UNESCO"

October 1, 2014 Meiji Jingu Autumn Lecture, SOAS
"Washoku on the World Stage: Japanese Traditional Cuisine as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage"

September 23, 2014 "Reflections on the Disasters of  March 11" for Leiden Lecture Series in Japanese Studies at Leiden University

July 17-20, 2014 Roundtable "Preserving and Promoting Cultural Heritage" at Association for Asian Studies, AAS-in-Asia Conference 2014, held in The National University of Singapore

March 13, 2014 talk titled “Reflections on March 11, 2011; Japan's Disasters and their Aftermath” at University of Kentucky

February 21, 2014 talk titled “Japanese Cuisine as World Cultural Heritage: The UNESCO Campaign” for Devouring Japan Conference at University of Texas, Austin

December 6, 2013 talk titled “Digital Media and Crowd-Sourcing Memory: The Japan Digital Archive for the Disasters of 2011” for Japan and 3/11: Memory in Formation, Columbia University

November 2, 2013 “Reflections on March 11, 2011; Japan's Disasters and their Aftermath" for Association for Asian Studies Mid Atlantic Conference, Delaware

June 21-22, 2013 East China Normal University, Shanghai, China, “Disasters, Natural and Unnatural: Reflections on Japan’s Disasters of March 2011" and “Globalization of Sushi”

June 24, 2013 ICAS8, Macau, China, Panel "Food and Heritage: Maintaining and Crossing Culinary Borders in Asia and Beyond"

May 13, 2013 Korea University, Seoul, Korea, “Disasters, Natural and Unnatural: Reflections on Japan after March 2011”

March, 2013 Association for Asian Studies (AAS) Annual Meeting Roundtable