November 18, 2017
Lecture: "Washoku: Traditional Japanese Cuisine and Culinary Heritage from the perspective of a healthy diet" at The Japan-US Science Forum in Boston 2017

July 14 2017
Film Screening & Discussion: "Tsukiji Wonderland", Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan

January 5-7, 2017
Keynote Speech: "Washoku Far and Near: Culinary Heritage and Global Food Culture” at 23rd Japan Studies Association Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii

October 21-22 2016
Film Screening & Discussion: "Tsukiji Wonderland" film screening, Harvard University Film Archive, Harvard University

July 11 2016
Talk: "Tsukiji: the end of an era?" International House, Tokyo, Japan

May 31- June 2, 2016
Film Screening & Discussion: "Tsukiji Wonderland",, Seattle International Film Festival, Seattle

March 31- April 3, 2016
Panel: "What to Eat: Food and Feeding in Twentieth-Century Wartime Asia" at Association for Asian Studies (AAS) Annual Meeting, Seattle

March, 2016
Keynote Speech: "What in the World is Washoku?" at the opening of School of Pacific and Asian Studies 2016 Graduate Student Conference at Hawaii University, Manoa

February, 2016
Panel: "Asian food in comparative perspective: Japan as a reference point?" at the international conference and workshop “Scales of the Alimentation: an Asian Perspective”, Fondation France-Japon de l'EHESS, France

November 8-9, 2015
Area Studies in the 21st Century, University College London, U.K. 

October 2015 
Talk: “Washoku on the World Stage: Japanese Cuisine and National Identity” for Alburqurque International Association Lecture Series

June 23, 2015
Interview with International House on "Tsukiji: A Last Vestige of Edo Culture."

June 2, 2015
Talk: “Washoku on the World Stage: UNESCO and the Promotion of Japanese Cuisine” for Sophia University Institute of Comparative Culture Lecture Series at Sophia University, Tokyo

May 30, 2015
Talk: “和食からWashokuへ” 京都学園大学×ハーバード大学アジアセンター シンポジウム, Kyoto Gakuen University,  Kyoto

November 3, 2014
Talk: "Washoku: Japanese gastro-diplomacy and UNESCO" East Asian Studies Seminars, Cambridge University

October 1, 2014
Talk: "Washoku on the World Stage: Japanese Traditional Cuisine as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage" Meiji Jingu Autumn Lecture, SOAS

September 23, 2014
Talk: "Reflections on the Disasters of  March 11" for Leiden Lecture Series in Japanese Studies at Leiden University

July 17-20, 2014
Roundtable "Preserving and Promoting Cultural Heritage" at Association for Asian Studies, AAS-in-Asia Conference 2014, held in The National University of Singapore

March 13, 2014
Talk: “Reflections on March 11, 2011; Japan's Disasters and their Aftermath” at University of Kentucky

February 21, 2014
Talk: “Japanese Cuisine as World Cultural Heritage: The UNESCO Campaign” for Devouring Japan Conference at University of Texas, Austin

December 6, 2013
Talk: “Digital Media and Crowd-Sourcing Memory: The Japan Digital Archive for the Disasters of 2011” for Japan and 3/11: Memory in Formation, Columbia University

November 2, 2013
Talk: “Reflections on March 11, 2011; Japan's Disasters and their Aftermath" for Association for Asian Studies Mid Atlantic Conference, Delaware

June 21-22, 2013
Lectures: “Disasters, Natural and Unnatural: Reflections on Japan’s Disasters of March 2011" and “Globalization of Sushi”East China Normal University, Shanghai, China

June 24, 2013
Talk: "Food and Heritage: Maintaining and Crossing Culinary Borders in Asia and Beyond", ICAS8, Macau, China, Panel

May 13, 2013
Talk: “Disasters, Natural and Unnatural: Reflections on Japan after March 2011” Korea University, Seoul, Korea

March, 2013
Roundtable at Association for Asian Studies (AAS) Annual Meeting