Error-of-Law: An Exception to the Discoverability Principle?, Global Seminar on Private Law Theory, Paul-André Crépeau Centre of Private and Comparative Law, McGill, (Apr. 2020) (paper).

Judicial Law-making [some presentations postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic]
Canadian Workshop in Private Law Theory, Osgoode Hall, (May 2020).
Project on the Foundations of Private Law, Harvard Law School, (Apr. 2020).
Obligations X, Harvard Law School, Cambridge MA (TBD).
Obligations Discussion Group, Oxford University, Oxford (TBD).
Cambridge Private Law Centre, Cambridge University, Cambridge (TBD).
Legal Philosophy Forum, University College London, London (TBD).
Workshop for Early Career Obligations Scholars, University College London, London (TBD).


Discoverability Principles and the Laws Mistakes (paper).
— U Alberta Law, Edmonton (Mar. 2020).
— UBC Allard School of Law, Vancouver (Oct. 2019).
— Western Law, London ON (Oct. 2019).

Retroactive Adjudication, Jerome N. Frank LSO Scholarship Workshop, Yale Law School, New Haven (Nov. 2019) (paper).

North American Workshop on Private Law Theory, Western Law, London ON – attendee (Oct. 2019).

Access Denied: Canada’s Error-of-Law Exception to the Discoverability Principle, Canadian Law of Obligations Conference, UNB, New Brunswick (May 2019) (paper).


The Discoverability of Mistakes of Law, Society of Legal Scholars Conference, Queen Mary U, London (Sep. 2018) (paper).

Forum on Tenant Fees and Holding Deposits, Centre for Access to Justice, UCL, London (Aug. 2018) (blog).


Don’t Tell Me What the Papers Say: Privacy in the Internet Age, Canadian Law of Obligations Conference, UBC, Vancouver (May 2017) (paper).