2020 APA Early Career Poster Session & Social Hour

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Risk and Protective Factors for Alcohol Use

Moderated by Mariela Shirley (NIAAA)

Risk and Protective Factors for Drug Use

Moderated by Meyer Glantz (NIDA)

Alcohol and Drug Use Interventions

Moderated by Belinda Sims (NIDA)

Opioid Use

Moderated by Lauren Hoffman (Div 50)

Opioid Use Interventions and Policy

Moderated by Kristen Huntley (NIDA)

Comorbid Stress and Trauma and Substance Use

Moderated by Megan Kirouac (Div. 50)

Basic Science

Moderated by Justin Strickland (Div. 28)


Moderated by Susan Collins (Div 50)




Virtual Poster Session Brochure 2020952 KB
Jorge Martins - Exploring Heterogeneity in Risk and Protective Factors of Harmful and Hazardous Drinking0 bytes
Martin Gallegos - Multilevel Mediation of Parents' Monitoring, Communication, Adolescent Individualism and Alcohol Use564 KB
Phoebe Long - Examining the Relationship Between Opioid Misuse and Suicidality Level300 KB
Silvi Goldstein - Cross-Cultural Validity of the SIP-2R for Indigenous and Black Adults Experiencing Homelessness with Alcohol Use Disorders0 bytes
Tessa Nalven - Perceived Racial Discrimination, Identity Affiliation, and Heavy Alcohol Use Among Multiracial Individuals157 KB
Shelbi Fisher - Positive Psychology in Alcoholics Anonymous Literature1.16 MB
Julie Cristello - The Impact of Instagram Content on Perceived Harm due to Alcohol and Marijuana use Among Adolescents1.12 MB
Renee Cloutier - Evaluating DSM-5 Diagnostic Cut-off Scores for Self-Reported Cannabis Problem Measures312 KB
Brittany Zaring-Hinkle - Posttraumatic Stress, Distress Tolerance, Gender, and Alcohol Misuse: A Moderated Mediation Analysis3.14 MB
Kathleen Giarratano - Assessing Support for Safe Injection Sites Among Adult Constituents in New York2.97 MB
Karl Schmidt - The Role of the Estrous Cycle and Gonadal Hormones on Heroin and Sucrose Intake283 KB
Octaviana Hemmy Asamsama - Trauma, Depression, and Weight Gain: Examining a Population of Veterans Completing a Residential Substance Use Program1.45 MB
Comfort Boatang - Molecular Determinants of Selective D4R Antagonist and Partial Agonist Efficacy1.75 MB
Andrew Craig - Experimental Analyses of Resurgence and Their Implications for Practice774 KB
Katie Lindstrom - Social Network Feedback From Peer Drinkers and Alcohol Use Among Community-Dwelling Emerging Adults1.94 MB
Andrew Lac - Weekday Versus Weekend Drinking Differentially Mediate Alcohol Expectancies to Alcohol Problem352 KB
Caitlin Shepherd - Food and Alcohol Disturbance Among US College Students: A Narrative Review1.32 MB
Jessica Sharp - The effects of the estrous cycle and ovarian hormones on opioid intake166 KB
Lourah Kelly - Interactive Effect of Adverse Child Experiences (ACEs) and Suicidality on Adolescent Alcohol and Marijuana Use Frequency336 KB
Antoinette Spector - “Well, my kids always come first”: A preliminary examination of the role of children in the lives of women who misuse opioids342 KB
Rachelle Kromash - Psychometric Properties of the Illness Attitudes Scale in a Substance Use Sample211 KB
Jessica Choe - The Role of Heart Rate Variability in Individuals Living with Chronic Pain: The Heart Does Not Lie159 KB
Katie Bartley - Health Risk Perceptions and Secondhand Exposure Behaviors Related to Vaping Among Student Veterans11.59 MB
Alejandra Fernandez - Screening for family functioning in primary care: Preliminary evidence83 KB
Chaniqua Mazyck - Chronic stress and substance use: The moderating effects of religion among African Americans8.04 MB
Maria Parker - Quit Ratios for Cigarette Smoking among Individuals with Opioid Use and Opioid Use Disorder384 KB
Amanda Banks - Adverse Childhood Experiences and Alcohol Use among Black College Students: Examining the Role of Depression590 KB
Jacob Daheim - Pain Medication Attitudes Questionnaire and Conformity to Masculine Norms on Men's Risk of Abusing Opioids in Chronic Pain253 KB
Tatum Oleskowicz - Geographically expanded 24-week Interim Buprenorphine Treatment: Preliminary findings2.34 MB
Stephanie Coronado-Montoya - Intervention Preference Survey for People with Early Psychosis using Cannabis516 KB
María José Luna - Persistence and Patterns of Substance Use Disorders: A 15-year Longitudinal Study of Delinquent Youth after Detention215 KB
Josh Becker - Ethical Considerations of Court-ordered Treatment447 KB