2021 APA Early Career Poster Session & Social Hour

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Recovery and Minority Populations

Moderated by Bettina Hoeppner (PI of the R13s funding this event)

Interventions and Special Populations

Moderated by Megan Kirouac (Div. 50 program chair)

Lab-Based Studies

Moderated by Cecilia Bergeria (Div. 28 program chair)

Population Level Studies

Moderated by Meyer Glantz (NIDA)

Adolescents & Young Adults

Moderated by Noah Emry (Div. 50)

APA 2021 Brochure4.75 MB
Acuff - Contextual changes and harmful alcohol use during COVID-19: A systematic review and meta-analysis1.55 MB
Anderson-White - Comparisions of treatment attendance and substance use in methadone maintenance treatment sample106 KB
De Vita - The effect of cannabidiol and alagesic expectancies on human pain reactivity723 KB
Doxbeck - Exploring social norms, pandemic partying, and e-cigarette use in United States college students486 KB
Ferreiro - Relations among key correlates in a mobile attentional bias retraining study for opioid use disorder764 KB
Frohe - Qualitative findings from a smartphone app: User-centered design offers promise for harm reduction1.31 MB
Goldstein - Harm reduction acceptability and feasibility on a rural North American indigenous reserve2.64 MB
Kearns - Effect of trauma-related stress after alcohol consumption on perceived likelihood of negative consequences and willingness to drive377 KB
Kler - Are social support and racialized hererosexism predictors of alcohol dependence among QTBIPOC?785 KB
Makadia - Impact of COVID-19 on cannabis use and practices among medical vs. recreational users1.45 MB
Martins - Reward dysregulation as a neurobehavioral marker of addiction risk1.94 MB
McCuistian - Ethical dilemmas facing substance use counselors during the COVID-19 pandemic610 KB
Palmisano - Examining the association between PTSD symptom heterogeneity and alcohol use disorder in veterans217 KB
Pericot-Valvedre - Diagnostic accuracy of the BDI-II and its relationship to direct-acting antivirals adherence: Implications for Hepatitis C treatment among people who inject drugs on medications for opioid use disorder250 KB
Reid-Marks - Perceived COVID-19 threat, psychological distress, and substance use in diverse emerging adults5.82 MB
Rung - Can sunk cost effects promote decisions to remain abstinent from alcohol?873 KB
Schmidt - MDMA self-administration in the presence of a social partner319 KB
Scholl - Efficacy of therapeutic communities on substance abuse populations: Examining long-term outcomes1.79 MB
Sharp - Cross-price elasticity and demand of social and drug reinforcement460 KB
Shepard - The relationship between academic stress and presciption stimulant misuse in college students868 KB
Shepherd - Suicidal ideation, substance use disorders, and co-occurences among sexual minority people of color644 KB
Sleep - Examining the structure of emotion regulation in a substance using veteran population.pdf340 KB
Smith - Psychosocial and substance-use corelates of lifetime kratom use in a large online sample2.51 MB
Strickland - Rising rates of methamphetamine use among people who use heroin in the United States403 KB
Walker - Characteristics of cannabis use and state anxiety among college students1.2 MB
Wojtaszek - Changes and moderating influences on addictive ad mental health symptoms associated with COVID-19689 KB
Woznicki - Sober sorting: Gay online dating app use and its relatonship to substance abuse, recovery, and relapse440 KB
Zaring-Hinkle - Alcohol and cannabis co-use, stress, and affect in adolescents: A longitudinal latent class analysis137 KB