Bettina B. Hoeppner, Ph.D., M.S.

I am an experimental psychologist who specializes in addiction science.  After completing my graduate training in statistics (MS in 2005) and experimental psychology (Ph.D. in 2007) at the University of Rhode Island, and my postdoctoral training in addictions at Brown University, I joined the faculty at MGH and HMS, where I conduct research on the active ingredients underlying addictive behavior change to enhance the effectiveness of existing and emerging interventions for individuals seeking to overcome problematic substance use.  Much of my recent work has focused on the role mHealth technologies play in supporting addictive behavior change.  In this area, my team and I have examined ‘consumer’ interest in smartphone apps to support behavioral change to quit smoking or quit problematic drinking, conducted mediational work to identify the mechanisms by which text-messaging program confer benefit, and are currently conducting a series of studies to develop a smartphone app to support smoking cessation by leveraging advances made in positive psychology.